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ArtsGoggle 2016

Welcome if you found us at ArtsGoggle!  I don’t have an Etsy shop, so if you missed your chance to buy something from our tent, drop us a line (“contact,” upper right corner) and let me know what you want.


Swords and Shields

When I was seven, my dad handed me a book about making wooden toys and asked me to find a project I’d like to make with him.  I chose the sword and shield.  It was a special project for me back then, especially because my dad died unexpectedly only months after we finished.  So it was really meaningful for me to build from the same design for my own boy thirty years later.

This fall, I made twelve swords and twelve shields from the same book.  I’m going to sell them at ArtsGoggle 2016.  In a great bit of nostalgia, most of the decorative plugs that went into these swords and shields came from a cache I recently discovered in some of my dad’s old things.


Turning a Coffee Scoop on the Lathe

Turning a scoop from a solid piece of wood is a precarious operation. I built a jig from some hard maple and a hose clamp, and while it’s a great tool, it always seems crazy to get that scoop spinning like this, with the handle out sideways.

I destroyed an earlier version of this jig when I cut too deeply and caught my chisel blade in the wood of the scoop.  The catch sent the scoop flying and destroyed the maple teeth holding it to the lathe.


I bought this backpack for George when he was 6, going into 1st grade. It’s lived a good life, but after 3 years it’s torn and tattered, ready to retire. Not to mention, it has cartoon sharks and minnows on it- an incoming fourth grader might prefer a more mature or neutral backpack. Not George. I’ve offered to get him a replacement but he refuses- his reasoning is that “when I’m famous one day, they are going to put my backpack in a museum.” And he’s totally serious. And now, I love this backpack.