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Swords and Shields

When I was seven, my dad handed me a book about making wooden toys and asked me to find a project I’d like toView full post »

Turning a Coffee Scoop on the Lathe

Turning a scoop from a solid piece of wood is a precarious operation. I built a jig from some hard maple and a hoseView full post »


I bought this backpack for George when he was 6, going into 1st grade. It’s lived a good life, but after 3 yearsView full post »

It’s getting hot in here..

Sometimes the Texas heat is just too much. Sam shows us how to cope.View full post »


Francis miraculously healed. George rode his first roller coaster.View full post »

If you’re going to cut your foot open… Do it at the doctor’s house.

Via a total freak accident, while we were visiting our friend Sarai and Jared,  Francis’s foot went throughView full post »

George First Soccer Tourney

First soccer tournament with the Flames. It was a long day, but the boys stuck in there.View full post »

My Pop.

After four years of fighting in Vietnam, my dad, a ’63 West Point grad, was shot in the leg leaving him disabled (View full post »

Chick O’Lay

We’ve discussed our children’s pronunciation before.  Add Chick O’Lay to the list for Sam.  Chick-View full post »

Tres De Mayo Logos

This year the kid’s entered the school “Tres de Mayo” logo contest. The winning logo was used toView full post »

Spring Friday

Today after school, Francis caught butterflies while her brothers climbed trees.View full post »

Grandma Train.

I was playing trains with Sam this morning and he’s constantly saying things like “you be Whoa-sie, I beView full post »

Thomas, you no longer own me.

To all of you mommas of Thomas the Train lovers… I DID IT. I couldn’t stand it any longer. The track hasView full post »

Day Out with Thomas: Momma and Sam

This morning, Sam and I headed to Grapevine for A Day Out With Thomas. I didn’t really know what to expect. AsideView full post »