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If you’re going to cut your foot open… Do it at the doctor’s house.

Via a total freak accident, while we were visiting our friend Sarai and Jared,  Francis’s foot went through the cushions on their couch and was somehow sliced open on the metal “pull out couch” workings. Francis screamed and I immediately assumed she was over-reacting. I slowly walked over as she turned her foot over and I thought “Dear Lord, I’m going to pass out.” Sensing Francis’s anxiety, I very calmly said (although my insides were screaming), “Oh, I think we need to get Jared.” Jared walked over and also very calmly said, “Hey Grace (what he calls Sarai), I think Francis and Sally and I need to run to the office real quick. I think I should probably sew up Francis’s foot.” And so began, the very traumatic/not traumatic foot story. The entire time I thought I was going to pass out. I was running through all the possibilities of Francis losing mobility or having permanent nerve damage, all the while I followed Jared’s cues and just acted as calm as I could. Within the hour, he had sewn up Francis’s foot, picked up a pair of crutches at Walgreens and we were back at home. No big deal. Growing up with a dad as a doctor, I am reminded of the time I broke my arm, and my dad just re-set it at home, duct-taped it to a piece of wood and we went to the office the next day. It’s nice having a doctor around. Sure makes stuff like this so much easier. I’m so thankful I didn’t spend my entire day sitting in the E.R. And more than anything, I was so grateful for Jared’s calm presence and expertise. I can honestly say, I think Francis looks back on this with warm memories- all due to Jared’s sweet affect and skill.




Our hero, Dr. Jared Brinker. Not only a great guy, but truly a great doctor as well. I’m so thankful he was there to sew up her foot.


Sitting on the couch that cut her foot open. What a great bunch o’ kids!


A couple of months ago, the kids asked for me to bring my guitar up and sing a bedtime song.  Sally snuck up and caught it on video.  Back in Amarillo, we had a tradition of making up songs every night.  Around the time we started reading chapter-books together, the song ritual died out.  So I was excited they wanted a song.  You never know what you’re going to get with a made-up song.  Sometimes they’re menacing, like this one, but they’re all made with love.