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It’s getting hot in here..

Sometimes the Texas heat is just too much. Sam shows us how to cope.View full post »

Bike Culture

Like a lot of families, we’re trying to embrace bicycle culture.  I’ve been riding my bike to workView full post »

truss tower

Phineas and Ferb made this

Our kids watch a lot of Phineas and Ferb (Remember our Halloween costumes?).  Maybe our kids watch too much TV inView full post »

Chick O’Lay

We’ve discussed our children’s pronunciation before.  Add Chick O’Lay to the list for Sam.  Chick-View full post »

Grandma Train.

I was playing trains with Sam this morning and he’s constantly saying things like “you be Whoa-sie, I beView full post »

Thomas, you no longer own me.

To all of you mommas of Thomas the Train lovers… I DID IT. I couldn’t stand it any longer. The track hasView full post »

For all the parents in the da’ house…

Can I get an “AMEN!!”? When your youngest child goes poo in the potty, well, it is a very, very good dayView full post »

George is reading.

One of my favorite things is not the sound of my children reading, but more specifically, the sound of my childrenView full post »

Somebody’s sick.

A fever, runny nose and coughing…and to top it off, for the first time in his life, he fell asleep at the tableView full post »

After an hour of looking for my car keys…

Me: Sam I can’t find my keys anywhere! I think we’re gonna be stuck here. Sam: Momma (lightbulb above hisView full post »

Pancakes perfected.

Matt has gotten into a routine of making pancakes on the weekends. He uses the standard buttermilk pancake recipe fromView full post »

Typography FAIL.

So I sent Sam to school the other day with his new lunchbox and about 2 hours later, I got a phone call from theView full post »

You Told that Lady Sam was Potty Trained

In a parenting first for me, Francis called me out on a lie I told someone else. This weekend, we went to IKEA. Our planView full post »

Already Gone

Already Gone from gulde on Vimeo. Francis and Matt rarely collaborate musically. When he asks her to sing the Notre DameView full post »